Create and build revenue generating products and services customers love, the entrepreneurial way

We believe that the convergence of telecoms and tech provides exciting service and product opportunities, and aim to be your most trusted entrepreneurial partners for creating, testing and taking ideas to market.

Our services

New Products and Strategies

We bring the best practices for finding, testing and launching new products and services. We have experience and novel processes built on multiple innovation playbooks and experience of successful launches within telecoms and tech eco-systems.

Startups and Growth Businesses

Our understanding of the industry can provide the insights you need to overcome any blockers or growing pains that some outside perspectives can help with.

Pre-commercial R&D

Technology differentiation is shifting to new domains that are more reliant on deeper R&D and intellectual property for sustainable differentiation. We have experience conducting pre-commercial R&D in the fields of 5G/ 6G, Open RAN, AI and blockchain. Markets include telecoms, public sector, construction, health and creative sectors. We have partnered within UK, Europe and Asia.

Network Differentiation

Identify and take advantage of sources of network differentiation. We have worked on all the major network benchmarks (including Root Metrics, UmLaut, OpenSignal, Sam Knows and Ookla) as well as building AI Ops, CEM and personalised network experiences. We continue to develop key insights and methods to find meaningful brand differentiation.

Technology Strategy

Create technology scenarios and roadmaps based on your products, service and financial envelope. We have the experience and capabilities to make sure you have technology plans to be on the right tech stack for your vision.

Spin Outs

Provides further ways of brining in other funding, expertise whilst accessing a largest market. We have experience and capabilties to create either JV’s or support during the process of launching new businesses.

Some of our clients & partners

Benefits of working with us

We understand

We deeply know telecoms and tech, and have entrepreneurial backgrounds, which means we know how to provide cost effective delivery, move fast and harness growth opportunities grounded in reality.

We partner

We put people first when working with you to create new products, services and businesses. Our work is rooted in your journey and real world problems based on your customers' needs.

We work with conviction

We know how to exploit old and new technologies to innovate in telecoms and tech, handling the specific industry risks of innovation whilst creating and commercializing exciting new concepts with the most important ingredient, conviction.

We are experts

We have developed and refined our unique techniques across diverse projects, so we understand what works well in your unique context. Our rare blend of telecoms, the ground-breaking tech and entrepreneurship accelerates your journey.

About Flying River Labs

We created Flying River Labs to explore and develop innovative ways of making society more resilient and able to share the benefits of technological progress. Our experiences have given us a diverse perspective on how to go from vision to reality for revenue generating ideas that provide a net positive chance for all of its users and stakeholders.


Successful projects since launch in 2022

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