Where cutting edge technologies and product delivery models combine for the benefit of communities

We are a trusted partner during the seismic shifts happening across technology and communities. Our advisory services are optimistic by default because we know the power of combining product management, systems thinking and cutting edge technology.

Our services

Product Delivery Transformation

Benefit from our experience in start ups and large organisations to design and implement ways of increasing product delivery velocity and team unity. We combine Strategyzer, IDEO, disciplined entrepreneur and the SVPG Product Operating Model with our secret sauce learnt the hard way so that you delight your customers.

Risk Gaming and Scenario Planning

Bring a new power and resilience to your organisation, and strengthen alignment across the organisation by mapping out your strategy. The community-led techniques give you a powerful narrative, set of way markers and clarity to make risk-aware fast decisions every day. 

Pre-commercial R&D

In-house technology R&D is expensive and requires specialist skills, but it’s a powerful tool for making better investment decisions in delivery and operations. We can run R&D for you, or help you establish capability and partnerships. We have experience conducting pre-commercial R&D in the fields of 5.5G/ 6G, cloud architecture, open RAN, AI and blockchain. We have partners within UK, Europe and Asia.

Technology Differentiation

Slow technology convergence trends lead to competition coming from sectors traditionally separated from yours – but they aren’t always easy to detect until impacting sales.  Work with us to understand these, and find ways of creating technology moats and differentiators inside your exist investment, or as part of our technology strategy services  We develop key insights and methods to finding meaningful brand and product differentiation.

Technology Strategy & Architecture

The technology driven world is on an exponential curve. Drive smart decisions, architectures and roadmaps that allow agile delivery with minimal regrettable spend. Use our experience to be buffeted from things that are hard to see internally using community-led concepts, new technologies and best practises that will affect your success. 

Service Management

In our view, the most powerful insights are within communities your customers are part of, and consistently delivering a great experience is the best for of resilience. We can help drive automation, deeper insight and drive up performance in ways that are most recognised by your customers.

Some of our clients & partners

Benefits of working with us

We understand

We care and work with communities in order to understand the good and bad sides of technology for them. For clients, we know how to provide cost effective delivery, move fast and harness growth opportunities grounded in reality.

We partner

We want to create good energy, positive impacts on your culture, working with you to create new products, services and businesses. Our work is rooted in your journey and real world problems based on your customers' and communitys' needs.

We have conviction

We know how to exploit old and new technologies to innovate, handling the specific industry risks of innovation whilst creating and commercialising exciting new concepts.

We are experts

We have developed and refined our unique techniques across diverse projects, so we understand what works well in your unique context. Our rare blend of tech, entrepreneurship and community and societal focus accelerates your journey.

About Flying River Labs

We created Flying River Labs to explore and develop innovative ways of making society more resilient and able to share the benefits of technological progress. Our experiences have given us a diverse perspective on how to go from vision to reality for revenue generating ideas that provide a net positive chance for all of its users and stakeholders.


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